Ars Sublimis. New York

ars sublimis II

July 18th – from 11 am to 6pm
“Ars Sublimis”
Curated by Blanca de la Torre.
Participant artists: Avelino Sala, Rebecca Loyche, Monika Bravo, Johannes Gees, Michal Brzezinski, Luis Bezeta, Gemma Pardo.
Is it possible to speak about the Aesthetics of the Sublime in an era characterized by the loss of values that defined the romantic epoch? Can we still reinterpret the feelings for the awe of the infinity of space, that superlative feeling between extreme greatness and fear? Schopenhauer, in the first volume of his The World as Will and Representation, in order to clarify the concept of the Sublime, goes through its different stages of transition. Despite notable resurgence in the 1980’s and 1990’s, prompted by the French Postmodernist Jean-Francois Lyotard, the aesthetic of the Sublime is largely absent from contemporary arena, and almost forgotten in XXI century debates.
This traditional concept of Landscape as a space of freedom is questioned in Postmodernity; a Postmodern landscape dominated by degradation, and where the dystopian landscape has substituted the utopia of the idyllic. Can we still speak about the Sublime Experience, or, on the contrary, have categories like Sublime or Postsublime faded in their own denomination?
In a context of a natural landscape reopened to the public, this series of videos represent an attempt to arise this debate diving through the Schopenhaueresques’ phases, from the simple feeling of beauty to the fullest feeling of Sublime.

frame of My private landscape, 2009, video dvd.

frame of My private landscape, 2009, video dvd.


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