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INPUT is an aesthetic journal published by an international ensemble of editors directed under a curatorial mandate on contemporary currents and cultural conditions. It offers independent expression within the multitude of art books, academic journals and über luxe magazines bound to conventional marketplace demands.

INPUT is neither a magazine nor a book. Each “Iteration” will serve as a collective statement from the editorial ensemble produced under the guidance and viewpoint of rotating directors, but subject to the editorial collective’s critical review. As INPUT recognizes that few writing collectives authentically work outside their individual authorship(s), the label of “ensemble” is applied to approximate both collective and individual productions. Like many other “selective” or “curatorial” approaches, the journal relies on the pure view of the editorial director of each Iteration. Unlike most journals, however, INPUT’s vision of a fluid hierarchy intends to provide variation within existing visual structures, means of production and critical methodologies.

INPUT currently does not accept open contributions. The editorial ensemble solicits images, critical examinations, poems, reviews and creative discourses that are produced specifically for the journal. INPUT seeks to collapse divisions between these genres, and thus offers variety and deliberate inconsistency as a more representative expression of our current creative and intellectual matrix.


INPUT was founded in March 2009 by Renee Vara and intends to highlight and promote the power of visual and verbal creativity in our contemporary culture.
It aims to provide a outlet for artists, curators, writers and poets to explore and express their unique vision of our aesthetic landscape.

INPUT is a not a for profit journal and is in the process of applying for classification as a 501(c)(3) organization, which it hopes to support through the guidance and grants of a community that recognizes the difficult state of publishing in the arts. Please check back with us, as our new board of directors grows in unison with our vision.

March, 2009



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OLEK : Fairy Tales Are Not Real

ANTOINE THÉLAMON : The Aesthetics of Voyeurism

RENÉE VARA : Dilettantes and Plagiarists

AVELINO SALA : A Learning of Loneliness

MEHMET ÖNGÜT : Kent Karlsson


ELENA BAJO : Notes on Public Situations, Philosophical Models

Published by
Input Journal Foundation
141 Wooster Street, Suite 4D
New York, NY 10012


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