20Eventi. Public Art in Fara Sabina

Poetica de la fuga, Fara Sabina.
Placa de Marmol con inscripcion y video accion.

Edition 2010

The fundamental outline of the 2010 edition, the Italian-Spanish edition, has now been drawn. Opening: Saturday 22nd May; closing: Sunday 6th June.

The event will take place in five locations: Toffia, Fara in Sabina, Farfa Abbey, Bocchignano and, a new entry for 2010, Montopoli di Sabina. One of the many utilized in Montopoli will be the Torre Ugonesca: an ancient, recently restored, medieval building, which will become the centre of a permanent exhibition space for contemporary art.

Twenty artistic projects will be realized in this area, of these, fifteen have been developed by young artists from the Escola Massana link of Barcelona, and five by those from the Accademia di Accademia di Belle Arti of Frosinone link.

This year’s special guests arrive thanks to our collaboration with the RAER Link. Eight Spanish artists, residents at the RAER in Rome, have been selected to participate in 20eventi.

Our collaboration with the RAER will continue with a series of four conferences on the boundaries of contemporary art, taking place at their site on the Gianicolo. Four pairs of internationally renowned Italian and Spanish experts will discuss the four chosen themes.

As a continuation of the programme, a series of summertime events have been planned, taking place in the Val dell’Aia, Cottanello, Montebuono and Montasola.


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