Volta 11 Art Basel, Galeria ADN


ADN Galería participa en VOLTA 11 con una selección de obras de CARLOS AIRES, MOUNIR FATMI, KENDELL GEERS, EUGENIO MERINO y AVELINO SALA.
Del 15 al 21 de junio de 2015

booth B04.

Avelino Sala’s work has been presented among others at: Es Baluard, Palma de Mallorca, NCCA, Moscow, the Museum marble of Carrara, Matadero, Madrid, La Pedrera, Centre D’art Le Lait Grahulet, France, the Museum ARTIUM, the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, Virgil de Voldere gallery, New York, National Museum of Art Sofia Queen, X Bienal de la Habana, A Foundation, London, Insert Coin, Spanish Young Art, October Contemporary, Tina B Biennale Prague, Generation 2003 by Caja Madrid award. In 2010 Avelino was a fellow of the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome and the Centro de Arte Le Lait of Albi in France.

In Amanecer dorado (Golden dawn) United States, Germany and China stamp the colors of their flags on the handles of some baseball bats that are no longer playing the instrument to become a blunt object, in a coercive and violent serving a few players element. The installation is completed by a fire engraved baseball ball. The burnt portions of the ball reproduce the shapes of continents.

Block House is a construction made up of books painted black, a sort of barricade, a metaphor for the cultural barricade, a kind of intellectual bunker. The artist builds a space of resistance which offers protection and in which, at the same time, the struggle can be prepared and the counterattack put together.


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