“Dreams and Realities” Whiteconcept gallery. Berlin

In November, the WHITECONCEPTS gallery presents an exhibition of the artist duo PSJM for the third time in connection with works by Avelino Sala.
Although the three artists express themselves very differently in their media and representation, the artist have a similar starting point in their critical reflection on what constitutes reality and its contemplation of the present and the future. PSJM, as well as Avelino Sala, are politically active and interested in contemporary issues. Their exhibition 1 is a conglomerat of unique, thoughtful and critical aspects in their works.

Behind the name PSJM is a critical artistic foundation that questions the artworks on the market, communicates with the buyers or the function as artistic quality and uses the communicative resources of spectacular capitalism to emphasize the relevance of the paradoxes that origin from their own chaotic development, an requirement to exclude the traditional assumptions about artistic action. With “Ex perimental Marketing” they deliberately present a working strategy leaving the visitor unclear whether one works with artists or creatives from the advertising industry. Their pan emphasizes the commercial character of art and aims to bring customs and social conventions to a point of absurdity. In addition, artists are questioned to be a capitalist value publisher and artworks of pure formalism a commodity fetish.

PSJM’s works are intended to think of the future – after a global uprising, when we would have already lived in utopia, and we could have abandoned ourselves to the pure creation of beautiful shapes. “Shapes for a perfect world: There is no inequality or injustice in the world anymore. Human relationships flourish in harmony and peace. After the Global Uprising there is nothing left to fight for, nothing to criticize, nothing to worry about. at last, now, we can abandon ourselves to the beautiful and comforting forms.”, the artists described.
Revolution and insurrection a political means are as much a topic in the work of PSJM as the art market and capitalism. In doing so, they present visions which describe a possible result of an effective political expression from the bourgeois side. They imagine a world after this break as a new beginning without any structures and thus without any possibility to exercise criticism, nevertheless not to the exclusion of friendship and trust among humans and environmentally friendly interests.

Avelino Sala’s artistic activity has prompted him to question the cultural and social reality with its late-romantic perspective with a continuous exploration of social images. In his work he tries to examine the power of art as an experimental space and to create new worlds through it. The aesthetics, which are to a large extent ethically determined, increasingly occurs in the producing process of the artist and formulate a discourse that is certainly personal, coherent and yet complex in its readings and appearance. The variety of technical mechanisms produced expressive expressions such as video, sculpture, photography, neon, drawing, or the plural world of objects. For Sala they retain their coherent idea of art, while still showing different looks.
His images appear like allegories or metonymies that exemplify the loneliness of the individual, the weaknesses that arise in one’s own personality and, while subject to the essence of the history of global discourse, flow in the interstices and questions about identity and remembrance.
According to Sala´s view the work of the artist has become so complex that currently it offers endless structures that not only reduce the production of the work, but are also planned as a strategy that goes through different stages from the public relations, the orgaisation, planning and presentation of projects, the implementation of projects, the capacity to find economic resources to implement them. In fact, the artist is a cultural manager, a PR specialist, a producer of his work, a publisher, a designer, a gallery owner and much more. Sala thinks that the artists more and more tend to use an office or a warehouse than a studio. The romantic idea of the ivory tower has vanished with the passing of time.
The most important thing for Sala is to have the right time for each activity to enjoy them all and also to get a serious and honest product of his work as the structural basis fails when the work fails.

About the artists:

PSJM was founded in 2003 and is an artist duo, formed by Pablo San José (*1969 Mieres/ES) and Cynthia Viera (*1973 Las Palmas/ES). They work with media such as lacquered aluminum, laminate on wood, acrylic on linen and gouache or ink on paper. In addition, they have expanded their creative work into sculptures, wall paintings and videos. PSJM has been invited to numerous exhibitions worldwide. Recently, they were included in the publication “Younger than Jesus. The essential handbook on the future of the art” of the New Museum of New York, published by Phaidon.

Avelino Sala (* 1972 Gijón/ES) completed his studies in Great Britain. His works have been shown in many group and individual exhibitions at prestigious exhibition halls and galleries in Spain, France, Italy, England, Russia, Eastern Europe, Hongkong, USA and Cuba.


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