The mirror Stage. Arco 2018, ADN gallery

Mirror stage series
UVI inks on duck feathers. 30x40x3 cm. This is a detail of the works will be shown at ARCO 2018 at ADN gallery booth 9G 07
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These series of works, that appeal to the Lacanianan conception of an “I”, present two confronted images in each piece. Displayed on feathers (material that symbolizes the poetical, the loss, the fragility but also the breakdown, the memory and the idea of everything that can be blown away, that is, the infra-thin), confronted images appear. Real images of migrants crossing the borders (in Europe or USA), with a common goal, to run away. Or the local natives and their resistance against fracking in North Dakota. These images are confronted to pictorical or stereotypical images far away from reality.

MirrorStage(generalARCO)DSC_9294 2DSC_9294 3DSC_9294 4DSC_9294 6DSC_9294 7DSC_9294 8DSC_9294 9DSC_9294 10DSC_9294


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